Eros v1.0 APK Full Version

12 Apr

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Eros v1.0 APK Full Version
A small rebel group of citizens living in the solar system defies the Empire after years of political disputes and makes a dash out of their star system in an ancient research vessel named after the Greek god “Eros”. As they struggle through each jump to get further from Earth, they come across new systems full of challenges and hardships… GET NOW!

Game Play:

Story line and endless survival modes.Earn credits to unlock permanent technology upgrades as times goes on.8 different core tower types. 3 utility, 5 combat.The 5 combat towers have secondary firing modes for additional strategies.20 stage story line, with 4 different visual evolutions as the story progresses.Beautiful music and sound effects.

Download Here:

Dont forget to report the broken links .waiting for your reply Android Freez
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Eros v1.0 APK Full Version

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