Ski Jumping 12 v1.1 apk

13 Mar

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Ski Jumping 12 v1.1
Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: Experience the most realistic ski jumping simulation in the AppStore! Ski Jumping 12 is the official sequel to the award-winning game Ski Jumping 2011 and sets new standards in terms of realism, graphics, controls and gameplay!
Take command of the snow-covered slopes as you leap into the exciting world of professional ski jumping. Accelerate down the inrun at dangerously high speeds, battle to keep your balance against the powerful, icy wind, then take flight for as you try to beat the world’s best ski jumpers in this invigorating winter sports extravaganza.

A choice of different touchscreen and tilt controls put you knee deep in the snow throughout the incredibly realistic and invigorating experience. Guide your jumper down the slope, take off with precision timing and fly with style and grace.

But the Ski Jumping 12 judges are looking for more than just epic distance. This game requires you to demonstrate a skillful application and control of aerodynamics, followed by an accomplished, agile landing that only a few fearless sky-bound skiers have ever achieved.

Full 3D visuals.
Over 20 real-world ski jumping venues.
Global online leaderboards.
Quick Play, World Cup, Tournaments and more.
Custom events to compete in.
Three different control methods.
Player customization.

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Ski Jumping 12 v1.1 apk

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