Cut the Rope 1.3.1 (v1.3.1) Apk Download For Android

5 Feb

Cut The Rope 1.2 v1.2 Apk Download For Android full cracked Cut the Rope 1.3.1 (v1.3.1) Apk Download For AndroidCut the Rope has been updated to version 1.3.1 with new levels added (v1.1.1), some optimizations and fixes. The levels that were added to this game are 25 levels, and not just new levels, this game has a new game mechanic now. Brought to you from Zeptoplab, the original maker of the original Cut the rope that hit iPhone a while ago, Cut the rope finally hit Android Market and become one of most popular game on Android Market.

Cut The Rope was very successful both on Android Market and AppStore. The currently newest version Cut the Rope 1.3.1 has also been optimized and the bugs were all fixed as well. For your information, over 55 million people have already played this game, and the average rating are pretty high with 4.81 out of 5 stars. Cut The Rope tells a story about a hungry little cute monster Om nom, whom you have to feed everytime because his belly is always starving. So you need to cut the rope that holds the candy he wants to eat.

To cut the rope, you just have to swipe your finger on your rope, the same way you slash fruit on fruit ninja. To collect more point, don’t forget to collect the stars and burst the bubbles you meet all the way.  Be careful for the enemies, sometimes you meet a candy eater spider that will eat your candy if you don’t hurry.  As an award winning app from Zeptolab, Cut the Rope will be a very addicting game to play, that guarantees you many hours of fun with the challenging gameplay and sharp graphic. Cut the Rope 1.3.1.Apk works on all  Android  version and supports App2SD.

cut the rope 1.1.1 android apk download Cut the Rope 1.3.1 (v1.3.1) Apk Download For Android

Recent changes

–          Latest version Cut the Rope 1.3.1 

How To Download Cut the Rope 1.3.1 Adfree Paid Version for Android

–          Download Cut the Rope 1.3.1 Apk Free Download Here 

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Cut the Rope 1.3.1 (v1.3.1) Apk Download For Android

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